24 May 2019, Friday, 23:43
For our and your freedom!

Invitation To Freedom Day - #Basta25


A shade over 10 days are left until Freedom Day. What should supporters of changes do during this time?

Opposition activist from Brest Natalia Papkova and other political and public figures posted concrete steps on Facebook:

– The actions which will be held in Minsk on March 25 and in the regions the next day, will determine the future of the country. The authorities understand that the people are really outraged and know that tens of thousands of Belarusians will take part in the protests. Therefore, they try to bring the protest wave down. We must respond in concrete steps. I suggest that all supporters of change should hold a national campaign #Basta25 within the next week and a half.

What is its essence? It’s in three simple steps, from which will make a colossal effect.

You will need a phone and a computer with Internet access. You have one? Then there only trifles are left to be done.

Step one. Over the next few days post on your page in any social network invitations to take part in the Outraged Belarusians March on Freedom Day, under a hashtag #Basta25.

Step two. Call your relatives, friends and colleagues in the next few days. Talk to them and invite them to take part in the action. The action is to be held in front of the Academy of Sciences in Minsk at 14:00, March 25, or at the central square of your city at 12:00 on March 26.

Step three. Within the next few days send out SMS with a hashtag #Basta25. Send them to acquaintances, classmates, those who do not often use the Internet, just random people.

Well, why #Basta25? It's simple. To spread the information more widely, and to make it easier for our supporter to find each other in social networks, let's mark all our posts with the hashtag #Basta25. This slogan sounded at all the last marches – both in Minsk and in the regions. Let now the people's "Basta!" thunder all over the bynet.

And, most importantly, ask all your friends to do these three simple steps. I wrote in the beginning that tens of thousands will take part in the protests… It's not true – if we all get engaged in spreading the information about the Freedom Day, hundreds of thousands of outraged Belarusians will take to the streets of the country.