20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:12
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Lukashenka: I Make Kachanava And She Makes Whole Nation Ski


The dictator intends to make skiing a mass sport in Belarus.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka believes that the development of mass sports in the country, especially among young people and students, is not active enough. He has stated this today, answering journalists' questions during the Minsk Ski Race – 2019, BelTA informs.

“I make the head of the administration (Natallia Kachanava — note of Charter97.org), and she makes all the people, especially the schools, run on the ski track. Is it normal: give them skis, say it’s good, and then drag them by the hand to the track?” I don’t understand what kind of parents are there? Children are to be educated in this regard. They will get sick less. It’s a fact,” – the dictator said.

“Therefore, now we will arrange competitions in schools, universities, and ask the rector and teachers, school principals why they don’t drag children to the ski track. In Soviet times, God forbid if you don’t fulfill the ski program at school... for girls, there is nothing better. This is beauty, this is health, this is the work of all muscles. Skiing is a great thing,” – Lukashenka noted.

He shared his memories about his childhood:

“I remember, I was given skis home at school. I carried them three kilometers in front of me. I was glad that I had taken skis in my hands. But we have some opportunities now!”

The dictator said that by next winter they would have started producing good domestic skis in Belarus, which would be used for mass sports and training athletes, and equipment of major world manufacturers would be bought for top-level athletes.