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Famous Doctor Responded To Lukashenka's Words About Coronavirus

Famous Doctor Responded To Lukashenka's Words About Coronavirus

Why isn't the bathhouse saving from the new coronavirus?

On March 19, Lukashenka gathered a meeting on the epidemic situation. At this meeting, he repeated the previous "tips" on how to fight against COVID-19 - coronavirus can be "poisoned" with vodka and sauna, the website svaboda.org writes.

"I once said that people need to go to a dry bath more often to fight various viruses, including this one, - Lukashenka stated. - Since COVID-19 does not like high temperatures and at plus sixty, as I was informed by experts, it dies".

Why doesn't the bath save from the coronavirus? The doctor explains:

Doctor-resuscitator Dzmitry Saloshkin explained why even the hottest sauna will not cure you from COVID-19:

"If you're sitting in the sauna, and the person in front of you coughed somewhere on the shelf, then yes, if there is dry air of 100° C, the virus will die quickly enough, - he said. - But the human body temperature inside is one of the strictest constants. Even if there's the worst disease, it's 40 degrees Celsius.

Even if you sit in a sauna, your body temperature remains stable. So the carrier of the virus, and after sitting in the sauna, will come out and cough and spread the virus again.

A sauna can only disinfect only "automatically" due to the temperature, but you can't reach that temperature in the human body.

The doctor adds: other "folk remedies" such as garlic and onions are not considered valid, and the present recommendations against COVID-19 are available and quite simple.

What does the World Health Organization say?

In fact, the World Health Organization has no research to prove that the SARS-CoV-2 virus dies at 60 degrees. It is only known that similar (but not this) SARS virus dies at temperatures above 56 degrees Celsius (but not in the body of the person around whom such a temperature is present, but when the viral particles themselves are directly heated).

Also, on March 19, Lukashenka advised to wash hands with vodka and "take inside 100 grams". But the vodka is not effective enough to clean hands and is completely ineffective against viruses in the body. They recommend washing hands with disinfectants containing at least 60% alcohol, or just soap.