16 May 2021, Sunday, 20:21
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Independent Experts: Karanik Is Engaged in Manipulation, Mortality from COVID-19 in Belarus Is 10-15 Times Higher Than the Official One

Independent Experts: Karanik Is Engaged in Manipulation, Mortality from COVID-19 in Belarus Is 10-15 Times Higher Than the Official One
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Let the authorities publish statistics for the past year.

Former Minister of Health Uladzimir Karanik actively comments on Facebook events in the Hrodna region and the country. One of the posts is devoted to the statistics of mortality from the coronavirus. The official defends the figures, which are officially published by the Ministry of Health. Independent experts say that, in reality, the post of the former minister is manipulation and propaganda, Belsat reports.

In his Facebook, former Minister of Health Uladzimir Karanik, who is now in charge of the Hrodna region, writes that, in the comments to his posts, questions often appear not on the subject of the post but about coronavirus infection. The official decided to explain to skeptics that official statistics reflect the real state of mortality from the coronavirus.

“Have you seen stadiums and shopping centers in our country, hastily converted into hospitals, as in many other countries? Have you watched the kilometer-long queues in the waiting rooms of hospitals for a consultation? Do you know of cases when an elderly patient gave up his ventilator to a younger one and died, as was the case in Italy? Have you seen refrigerated trucks with the bodies of the dead, which stand near hospitals, because there are so many dead people that the morgues cannot hold them in any way, as it was in the USA? Have you seen nursing homes with abandoned staff and the bodies of deceased old people left without medical assistance and care, as it was in Spain? Have you seen the columns of military trucks taking out the coffins with the dead, as it was in Italy? Or maybe you have seen other signs of mass mortality that we have seen in some countries?

We have a small country, this is impossible to hide, it simply did not happen! Therefore, I want to recall the wise Democritus, who emphasized that prudent is the one who does not grieve about what he does not have, and, on the contrary, is happy with what he has. Show prudence, stop speculating on this topic. It is better to address words of gratitude to the health care workers and the State as a whole, which, despite all the difficulties, managed to take effective, scientifically based measures to protect against coronavirus infection. Well, if you see no reason to do it now, find a good reason. For example, May 12 is World Nursing Day, and June 20 is Medical Worker's Day. But, most importantly - follow the recommendations on individual safety measures and social distancing!

As experts, including WHO specialists, have said more than once, a final, in-depth analysis of the consequences of a pandemic is possible only after its end. Then the mortality caused directly by this infection, as well as mortality from the exacerbation of chronic pathology against the background of an active or postponed infectious process, will be additionally scrupulously analyzed. Let me also remind you of mortality from another pathology associated with late treatment. Alas, some patients did not go to medical institutions for fear of infection. In addition, the impact of the reduction in the volume of dispensary observation on demographic indicators will be analyzed. Do not doubt that such a detailed analysis will appear, but the fact that our country is passing this most serious test with honor will remain undeniable.

The tendency to pass white as black, top as bottom, and west as east is one of the most destructive. Realize this.

Independent experts criticize the statistics of the Ministry of Health.

“These are generally manipulative moments when individual situations are drawn from completely different countries with different conditions. Then these same events are interpreted in their own way. If we are talking about the fact that entire nursing homes were dying out, then this is a certain exaggeration. And most importantly, if you look at it from a scientific point of view and do not pull out any individual moments, this is the excess death rate per capita. If the Ministry of Health and Karanik are convinced and want to prove from a scientific point of view to the whole world that Belarus has responded so well to the epidemic, then let them announce the mortality figure for the past year so that the excess mortality rate can be seen. And this figure will be compared with the very Spain, France, or the United States. And this will be the best argument. After all, some sort of pulling out of facts, exaggeration is an absolutely unscientific discussion and just a manipulation of the debate,” said Andrei Eliseeu, director of research at the research center Center EAST.

The researcher cites calculations according to which the mortality rate from coronavirus in Belarus is 10-15 times higher than the official one.