5 December 2022, Monday, 11:05
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HIMARS Horrifies Kremlin And Russian Defence Ministry: Course Of War Changes

HIMARS Horrifies Kremlin And Russian Defence Ministry: Course Of War Changes

The Ukrainian army intensifies the overall strikes.

The use of American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to increase the range and accuracy of strikes and, as a result, effectively destroy dozens of command posts of the Russian army and ammunition depots. The occupying troops 'reserves' have drastically decreased, and this situation threatens them with 'slipping' in the combat zone. The Ukrainian army, meanwhile, is increasing the intensity of strikes, writes obozrevatel.com.

Fuelling the fire

The situation of the last two or three weeks, when ammunition depots of the Russian army began to fly into the air on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, caused real panic in both the so-called and the Russian Federation.

Large ammunition depots have already been destroyed in Shakhtersk, Donetsk, Luhansk, Torez, Nova Kakhovka and other settlements. Moreover, the arsenal of ammunition stored there was really huge: the detonation could last a day.

Almost all Russian and 'republican' Telegram channels are now writing about the 'unforgettable impressions' of the HIMARS MLRS. Moreover, they often do not forget to say hello to those who ridiculed the capabilities of Western weapons.

“Each weapon that the top politicians of the Russian Federation, the command of the Russian Armed Forces, military experts and the media call a f*ck, becomes a legend, and its name becomes a household name.

The name Bayraktar is now known and revered all over the world. We have learned the HIMARS abbreviation in a few days, and we are unlikely to forget it in our lifetime.

If you want your brand of military equipment to become a legend, send it to carry out the Tuvan army, which is stuck in the 1970s," Bulba Prestolov writes sharply.

Fear for Russia

The presence of such high-precision weapons in Ukraine made the Russians fear not only the loss of all their ammunition depots (located in the zone of their destruction in the occupied territory), but also the destruction of air defence systems and strikes on important objects already on the territory of the Russian Federation. This, in particular, writes Russian political scientist and propagandist Igor Dimitriev.

"What is the problem with HIMARS: there is an assumption that their targets will be Russian air defences after warehouses and headquarters. The distance of work allows you to identify the location and hit. And what happens when air defence loses its capabilities and cannot cover the territory? It will be possible to attack with long-range ballistic missiles, such as ATACMS, which are not yet (YET!) supplied to Ukraine".

Russia is afraid of HIMARS

Mr Dimitriev is referring to the possible delivery of missiles with a range of 300 kilometres to Ukraine, which, of course, poses a serious threat to Russia.

The fact that in the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation there is a real panic due to the use of new missile systems by Ukrainians is already directly said by the Russians.

"The Presidential Administration and the military officials of the Russian Federation are horrified by the effectiveness of HIMARS artillery and are massively throwing stories about the sale (by the Ukrainian military. - Ed.) of Western weapons to Russia. The goal is to slow down further deliveries for at least a few weeks. However, since in those circles and departments of the Russian Federation there are more Western liaisons (through various funds) than 'pure' employees, the plans for information operations reach the West earlier than the information stuffing themselves. Every second person leaks something to someone at the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Yes, and this is obvious even to the newbie,” the Russians admit.

The Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation in Panic

Threw a real tantrum on his channel in Telegram and Russian propagandist, 'war correspondent' Sladkov. He reported on the effective destruction of Russian decision-making centres by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"So, look, good people. Ukrainian missile launchers and artillery have already struck several times at our decision-making centres. Here is the result. The centres are not large but important. My question is simple: when will this bull***t end? Can you f**k the military-industrial complex so that we finally have preventive 'fancy stuff'?!" Sladkov asks, signing the impossibility of the Russian army to resist HIMARS MLRSs.

The Command - to the hospital

The use of high-precision weapons has already led to desertions from the Russian occupation forces with some soldiers being shot. And after the effective strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on objects in the Kherson region, the command of the occupiers began to settle in hospitals hoping that they could hide from the 'silent death' there.

Such information appeared on the Joker Telegram channel, it was also confirmed by intelligence.

Occupiers are hiding from HIMARS

"The top leadership of the orcs began to settle in hospitals in Kherson today.

The second army of the world hid from HIMARS in hospitals among civilians. The second army of the world does not trust its air defence.

And let the ordinary orcs of the second army of the world die from HIMARS,” the Joker writes with irony.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to destroy ammunition depots and command posts of the Russian occupiers with precision and precision in order to save the lives of Ukrainians and win the war unleashed by the Kremlin. There is no doubt that Russia will be defeated, it is only a matter of time.