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Lukashists Pulling Last Bar From Jenga

Lukashists Pulling Last Bar From Jenga

Young Belarusians do not want to be teachers, general practitioners, agronomists, and livestock specialists under this regime.

Over the past three years, they don’t know how to mend the situation with the entrance campaign in Belarus caused by the outflow of students. Young Belarusians do not want to be teachers, general practitioners, agronomists, and livestock specialists under Lukashenka's regime. The lack of interest in specialties in universities is easy to explain — it comes from the complete lack of prospects for the future. Accordingly, the shortage of applicants will create a shortage of qualified specialists in a couple of years.

The degradation of the education system in Belarus is a consequence of miscalculations in the regulation of the labor market. Low salaries for significant vacancies force the staff to retrain and leave, and applicants, observing this, choose more universal specialties and preferably somewhere abroad. Already in 2020, Belarusian students have been trying to leave to study in Poland. According to the results of the entrance campaign of that year, 15% of applicants entered Polish universities. The protests that continued in the autumn of 2020 increased this number even more. The repressed and expelled students left and entered the universities of Lithuania and Poland with dignity. Similar trends have continued in 2021.

This year, even the Lukashists in the admission commissions had to admit the failure. The problem is that universities want to have as much budget funding as possible and announce a huge enrollment that significantly exceeds their capacity. Quality and competition in this case fade into the background. Roughly speaking, they recruit everyone to fill the universities. For some specialties, even entrance examinations were simply abolished. For example, as a physical education teacher, graduates of sports and pedagogical classes of schools already this year were admitted without exams and CT. And for the universities of the Ministry of Defense, it is enough to attend a military circle at school in order to be out of the competition.

It is quite logical that the professions which will bring no decent wages to the specialists who mastered them, turn out to be unclaimed. These are teachers, general practitioners and workers in the agricultural sector. Even at universities, the salaries of specialists are shocking. University professors usually earn between BYN 390 and BYN 691 netto when they start working. After 5 years of work, the salary ranges from BYN 448 to BYN 808 per month for a 40-hour work week.

Another problem is the mandatory working out, which in some specialties, when concluding a contract with a university, can last up to 5 years. Those who studied at the university remember that the stress of work distribution is much worse than exams, theses, or term papers. Medical students, who have heard a lot about working and living conditions in some Belarusian outback, are especially worried about this. Unfortunately, due to corruption at the state level, many highly qualified specialists with no connections were forced to move from the city to the villages, and completely change their modern way of life for a medieval one.

This creates a chasm that will take years to repair. The blame for this lies solely with the Lukashists, who for decades have become accustomed to imitating order in a system that is going deeper in its destruction every year. The whole system of dictatorship in Belarus is reminiscent of the game of Jenga, where Lukashists take out bars from their own system. However, you won't be able to play it indefinitely. At some point, any of the bars can be the last one.

Artsiom Chernikau, exclusively for the Basta! Telegram channel

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