2 October 2023, Monday, 11:16
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Rocket Attack On Kyiv: Сonsequences Became Known

Rocket Attack On Kyiv: Сonsequences Became Known

The occupiers changed tactics.

On the afternoon of May 29, powerful explosions rocked Kyiv during air alarm sounds. Previously, the Russians used ballistic-type weapons.

The occupiers changed tactics. Following prolonged night attacks, the enemy struck at a peaceful city during the day.

What are the consequences of a daytime attack on Kyiv?

The Kyiv Military City Administration said that only 6 hours after the night attack, Russia again launched a missile attack on Kyiv. Previously, the enemy used ballistic-type weapons.

“This was already the 16th attack on the capital since the beginning of the month. Thus, the enemy changed tactics - following night attacks, they struck at a peaceful city during the day, when most residents were at work and on the streets,” the local authorities noted.

That is, the invaders clearly demonstrate that they are aimed at killing civilians.

According to preliminary information, all air targets were successfully downed by the Ukrainian air defense. No objects in Kyiv were targeted so far. The information is being processed and examined.

However, the debris fell in different parts of the city. There are three cases in the Obolon District and in the Desnyansky and Dniprovsky Districts. No critical damage. Information about the victims is specified.