25 January 2021, Monday, 10:19
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Youth leader Ivan Shyla drafted into army


Ivan Shyla, deputy head of Salihorsk branch of “Young Front”, was found able-bodied for military service. He was guarded to the military enlistment office.

Ivan Shyla was caught by Salihorsk militiamen near his house and guarded to the military enlistment office, Radio Svaboda reports.

Ivan Shyla repeatedly received summons to appear in the enlistment office. He was going to go there in the nearest time.

The oppositionist managed to tell his friends that militiamen were controlled by KGB officers.

The medical commission found youth activist of Salihorsk van Shyla able-bodied for military service.

“I didn’t want to advertise a matter of drafting, I doubted if it was politically motivated. All doubts have disappeared. On Monday, I was leaving home for the enlistment office, I was detained by militia and guarded there.

A question of whether I should be called up or not remained unsolved for a long time due to a psychologist. You know, a young girl works as psychologist in the military enlistment office, she looked through my CV, I have a criminal record, more than 80 detentions, I was fined of some millions. She was really surprised if such people can be drafted,” Ivan Shyla says.

Just after he had been guarded to the enlistment office, Shyla appeared before medical commission, consisted of the chief doctor of Salihorsk district hospital, a doctor from Minsk, and two representatives of the military enlistment office. According to Ivan Shyla, a KGB officer, responsible for the opposition of Salihorsk was also present. He instructed the military commissioner. A camera crew of BT state-controlled TV channel was also present in the military office.

The commission decided Shyla was able-bodied for military service. The young man must appear before a call-up commission on January 15, where representatives of different military units will be present. One of the leaders of “Young Front” Ivan Shyla will likely learn where he will serve. Ivan Shyla supposes he will be drafted by January 18.

“Law is law, I don’t want to violate or contest it, I think it should be equal for everyone. When the commission found me unfit in November, but then changed its verdict, it makes me think. Calling me up, they don’t leave me an opportunity to receive a certificate of secondary education in the nearest 1.5 or 2.5 years. Though education is my aim for today,” Ivan Shyla tells.

It should be reminded that Ivan Shyla was expelled from secondary school in June 2008 before his last final exam. The guy couldn’t entry a university as he didn’t have a certificate.

Franak Vyachorka, leader of “The Youth of BPF”, was at military hospital of Minsk, where he was guarded forcefully on January 8.

Human rights activists say “practice of using army to isolate and press public and political activists is being revived” in Belarus.

A statement of Viasna human rights center says members of the Belarusian Popular Front party Zmitser Zhaleznichenka, Vital Karatysh, Ales Kalita are “drafted into army on the initiative of the secret services”, there were attempts to call up leader of “The Youth of BPF” Franak Vyachorka, activists of “Young Front” Ivan Shyla, Zmitser Khvedaruk, Paval Kuryanovich, youth activists Fyodar Charankou, Paval Batueu, Artsyom Zabaryn, Ales Krutkin, activist Uladzimir Syarheeu (involved in the case of 14), and students of Kastus Kalinouski education programme and European Humanities University, studying abroad.