19 January 2018, Friday, 14:18

Kyrgyzstan authorities: Bakiev has to come for his pension himself


The question of calculation of Kurmanbek Bakiev’s pansion can only be solved after his return or extradition to Kyrgyzstan.

The advisor to Kyrgyzstan’s head of state Farid Niyazov told that to K-News on 12 December.

“The issue of extradition of the Bakievs’, who are accused in Kyrgyzstan of severe crimes, has not been taken off the agenda. It is still a subject for discussion at the international bilateral contacts”, - Farid Niyazov said.

As the head of the state’s advisor noted, the latest personal meeting of Almazbek Atambaev with Aliaksandr Lukashenka took place on 16 May this year at a CIS summit.

“As to my own opinion regarding transferring a pension to Kurmanbek Bakiev, it should be calculated and the formalities should be taken care of in the due course. However, for what I know, Kurmanbek Bakiev has been deprived of the status of Kyrgyzstan’s ex-president because of the severe crimes he is being accused of. Due to that the issue of calculation a pension for him must be resolved in correspondence with legislation of Kyrgyzstan, which is doable with the runaway’s return or extradition to the motherland”, - Farid Niyazov emphasized.