23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:44

Andrei Gaidukou transferred to Minsk again


The parents and layer could not even guess that and were packing a New Year’s parcel for him to be sent to the jail in Vitebsk.

- Andrei was transferred to Minsk again, - the mother of the arrested activist from Navapolatsk told Salidarnasc in the morning on Thursday. – The layer went for a meeting with my son the evening before. And they told her in the Vitebsk jail that her client was transferred to the capital on 22 December.

The woman is very disappointed.

- This is a total disaster, -  she is worried. – On Saturday I brought a parcel for my son to my sister in Vitebsk. The thing is that on holidays they only accept parcels in the jail on 29 December and 5 January. We prepared a New Year’s parcel for him, and now we do not even know where to send it and where in Minsk Andrei is.

His mother guessed that something wrong was going on with the young man from the absence of new letters.

- Letter came regularly from the Vitebsk jail, let it be with a week long delay. And suddenly they stopped coming at all, - Volga Gaidukova shares. – In his latest letter Andrei says: “The falsifications on my case reach the level of absurd”. So we do not know what to think.

The head of the Navapolatsk non-registered youth organization “Union of Young Intellectuals” Yaugeni Kanstantsinau (Gaidukou is also a member of the organization) told that another person involved in the “spy case” – the union’s activist from Polatsk Illa Bagdanau was called to a questioning in KGB. The latter was detained together with Andrei Gaidukou, but later released:

- Bagdanau was called to a questioning and for some reason in Vitebsk. He must appear there as a witness on 27 December. We hope that they will release him after the questioning.