28 January 2020, Tuesday, 17:05
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Belarusian Statistics Committee: Unemployment in provinces reaches 20%

Belarusian Statistics Committee: Unemployment in provinces reaches 20%

Officials of the Belarusian Statistics Committee presented shocking figures.

On May 23 at a press-conference in Minsk Deputy chief of the main directorate of informational technologies of the National Statistics Committee Alena Yermolitskaya informed that there are regions in Belarus, where unemployment rate reaches 10-15%, and even 20% among young men. It is confirmed by the data of the latest population census, BelaPAN informs.

When unemployment rate is calculated, population older than 15 years old is taken into account, 8 mln 103 thousand 29. Economically active population is singularized: people 15+ who are employed or seeking job – 4 mln 911 thousand 270. The level of unemployment is calculated as a share of the unemployed in the total number of economically active population. In total the official unemployment rate in Belarus under the population census is 6%, or 297,919.

However unemployment is much higher in certain regions. It could be calculates for different groups of population with the help of BelStat website: depending on the level of education, age, sex and so on. “It is unique information for taking administrative decisions,” the expert stressed.