22 January 2018, Monday, 23:26

A KGB officer has complained in “Vkontakte” about his life


An exodus of people from law enforcement agencies continues.

Shabunevich Anton, a former employee of the Molodechno district department of KGB, resigned from the committee and is going to study journalism at BSU.

Recall, a few days ago a police captain Sergei Makarov, who served for 15 years, fled abroad from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A few years before this, his brother Igor Makarov, a former officer of the special unit "Almaz", asked for a political asylum in Europe.

Until recently, Anton Shabunevich was a member of Molodechno district department of KGB, often traveled to Minsk on business trips. Suddenly, he realized that this does not bring him joy.

"I am 25 years old. One could say it is a one third of a life, I want to live up to 75. This is a period in life, when you can draw a conclusion and even a result of your life. In my 25 I have a low-paid work in the KGB, whose meaning is to complete tasks of the command and to formulate tasks for my subordinates. A work that does not require special intellectual abilities and requirements", wrote the former KGB officer on his profile in the social network "Vkontakte".

The young man is outraged by huge limitations that concern any employee of the KGB. "The number of restrictions and bans simply will not allow to live and to receive pleasure from life. Inability to travel to EU countries, the ban on social networks, a ban on the income from other work, except the service”, - tells Anton Shabunevich.

Young KGB officer is also unsatisfied with the level of his official income.

"My salary from the present work is a little more than 250 dollars, while before the crisis it was 400 dollars. I cannot say that it is a lot or too little. Some could say that it is not so bad, most will smile, hearing this number. It is much more convenient to evaluate your income, based on whether or not it can realize my needs and wishes. My income, unfortunately, cannot.

I realize that it will be worse in the future. It will be uncomfortable for me, when something will be just unaffordable”, – writes a former committeeman.

Only one thing pleases the young man: he is leaving KGB. The guy from Molodechno hopes to enter Belarusian State University and study journalism. He still believes in fair Belarusian state and in that his quit from KGB will not reflect on his life.

"25 years is an age of a man, who must have sufficient income for a family, have a car, and preferably, be close to the possession of his own apartment. What do I have? I don't have a higher education, now I am going to study journalism at BSU. But will I be accepted? And what will I eventually have from this? My skills in the photosphere are very, very questionable… I study something, know something, but not at a professional level. Prospects to change myself, to change the structure and the content of my life are very questionable”, - worries Anton Shabunevich.