17 January 2018, Wednesday, 14:02

Yuri Khaschevatsky: it remains only to declare Lukashenka a king


Famous film director Yuri Khaschevatsky is registered as a candidate for "deputies", but he is not going to go to the "elections".

In this regard, he answered questions of website charter97.org.

- What are you planning to do on September 23?

- I plan to stay at home, sit on the couch. Wait, while I take a look at the calendar, what day is that. Ok, on September 23, I'll sit at home, relax, have time with friends.

- So you are not going to the "elections"?

- No way. I will call to boycott these "elections". A week before the "elections" I'll take off my candidacy. Now I go as Speaker of the UCP to encourage people not to go to the "elections", what I will do myself first.

- As a filmmaker, in what genre would you include this "elections"?

- I think it's a genre about counterfeiters, crooks, and cheaters. This is the story of Henry Fildyng "Tom Jones a foundling". Adventurism, in this case - the adventurism of the authorities, which is very expensive for us. This is a tragicomedy, because tricks of our authorities, that are used, are very ignorant and obvious. Even in school children are able to cheat more believable. And here we see deception over deception. From this point of view, it's a comedy. But in terms of the future of Belarusian state - it is a tragedy, because if this continues, we will lose our country.

- You know numerous cases of fraud. Will they form a plot of a new film about the "parliamentary elections"?

- You know, this is an old movie, the same movie. It is the same as it was in 2006 ("The Square"), the same I did in 2010 ("Ordinary Elections"), the same that can be done in 2012.

- You don’t expect anything new from, these “elections”, do you?

- Arsenal of their tricks is already exhausted. It remains only to declare Lukashenka a king and his family - a dynasty. And then say that his is God's anointed. But because he is an Orthodox atheist, he will be the anointed of Orthodox atheism. And here one can close the topic.

- How do you feel as a candidate for "deputy"?

- Normal, because I have an opportunity to appeal to people. Because when we say “boycott!”, we must keep in mind the following: what do we (I mean the people who want to actively encourage the boycott) want? Do we want to boycott? Or do we want our society, our voters to boycott? I want the second option. As a citizen, I will never go to these "elections", but because I believe that the boycott should be popular, I'm going to appeal to people. I have the opportunity once through television and once through radio. There are debates, if they will dare to hold them. I wrote a statement that I want to participate in the debate, let's see what happens. Currently I'm engaged in vigorous activity aimed at organization of a national boycott. I know I'm right.

- Are you not afraid of pressure on yourself and your family from the government?

- Only a madman could tell you that he is not afraid of anything. Of course, everyone is afraid. But I fear it's too late for me. I am sixty-five years-old. There is a momentary fear, excitement, understanding that these people may stop at nothing. But there is a fear of the future. In this country will live my children, my grandchildren, and children of my grandchildren. This country should as soon as possible make a step at the path of normal development. And for this purpose we need normal elections. And the society has to understand this. Many people will say, "What will normal election do? Others will come and deceive us anyway. Certainly they will!" But the next time you will be able to choose other people. As it is in Ukraine. And these next will begin to think: "Do I need to do that, do I need to cheat?" But if you have the opportunity to re-elect, withdraw them, impeach them, then, eventually, we will have a rational, humane authority, which will do not think about how to fill their pockets, but about the nation, society, every human being.