19 November 2018, Monday, 9:12
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Relatives Of Belarusian Political Prisoners Defend Charter-97


The independent web site brought closer the release of those who were behind bars.

Let's defend Charter-97 together

Two weeks ago, the Belarusian authorities blocked access to the largest and most influential independent Belarusian website Charter97.org.

We, relatives of Belarusian political prisoners of different years, know better than anyone how important words of truth are in the suffocating atmosphere of silence and lies. How important is the light of hope in the darkness of unfreedom.

The team of Charter-97 has always supported us and our loved ones; they did not allow the Belarusian society to forget about those who fought for the "right to be called people" even in captivity, thereby bringing closer their release. We remember it and will always be grateful for it.

Blocking of the Charter-97 and putting other independent media under the threat of blocking is a clear indication that the authorities are trying to gain full control over the information field of Belarus, and hence over our thoughts.

We are sure that it is impossible.

We express our solidarity with the team of Charter97.org. We urge independent journalists and readers of the Charter-97 to constantly publish ways to bypass the blocking on their websites and pages on social networks.

We hope and believe that with our help, Charter97.org will not only be able to maintain its audience, but also expand it.

Hold on, friends! We are with you!

Relatives of Belarusian political prisoners of different years:

Maryna Adamovich

Valiantsina Alinevich

Maryna Shybko

Milana Mikhalevich

Valiantsina Dziadok

Alena Mikhalevich

Tatsiana Seviarynets

Halina Siuchyk

Ludzmila Mirzayanava