25 August 2019, Sunday, 4:56
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Stanislau Bahdankevich: Blocking Of Charter'97 Is Outrageous

Stanislau Bahdankevich: Blocking Of Charter'97 Is Outrageous

The authorities are trying to isolate Belarusians from truthful and independent information.

Doctor of economic sciences, professor, former head of the National Bank Stanislau Bahdankevich said this, commenting upon the blocking of the website Charter97.org at the territory of Belarus:

- My opinion about the blocking of Charter'97 is the same as my colleagues'. Clear-cut, this is outrageous, the harassment of the independent media, the restriction of the freedom of information.

The pressure on the independent media is one of the factors of which we have been talking for over 20 years. This factor got worse by the blocking of Charter'97 in Belarus. This was a criminal step by the authorities.

I always read Charter97.org with pleasure and benefit for myself. Fortunately, I found a way to bypass the lock and continue to be a reader of the site.

In my opinion, the reason for the blockage is clear - the authorities want to isolate the Belarusians from truthful and independent information about what is happening in the country and the world.

The authorities did not invent anything new. The blocking of alternative media has been practiced before. I, as an 81-year-old man, remember how various information centers of the West were silenced under Soviet power, trying to prevent alternative information. Now we are witnessing the same line: oppression, violence against the people.

Undoubtedly, I believe that Charter97.org should be unblocked. The website always stood out by quickly helping to spread information from other sources. It helps people to find information. I certainly feel solidarity with the editors of the website, journalists. Hold on!