24 April 2019, Wednesday, 15:59
For our and your freedom!

Website "Charter-97" Unites Opposition Members All Over The World

Arkady Babchenko

Famous journalist Arkady Babchenko congratulates website Charter97.org with the 20th anniversary.

- Hello! My name is Arkady Babchenko, I am journalist and a regular reader of website Charter97.org. I started reading "Charter" 10 years ago. I used to work for Novaya Gazeta then, since then I've become a regular reader of it.

My congratulations with the 20th anniversary! I hope "Charter" will make it through, because it's the sourse of great importance. Now this Russian-language resource unites everyone - starting from refugees to opposition members from all over the world. I believe this is the resource which can serve as the last nail in the coffin of all despotical regimes.

One more time I congratulate you, my friends, with your birthday. I wish you happiness, long life, freedom, and prosperity. Thank you!

It will be recalled that on September 3 editor-in-chief of Charter-97 Natallia Radzina announced the threat to informational resource cause by drastic reduction in financing and called readers for solidarity. Ways to support the website:



Bank's name: Bank Millennium S.A.

Address: ul. Stanislawa Zaryna, 2A, 02-593, Warszawa

IBAN: PL 97 1160 2202 0000 0002 1671 1123


Name of the account holder: Fundacja “KARTA ‘97”

Purpose/title of payment: Donation for statuary aims

You can contact us by the e-mail charter97@gmail.com