19 October 2019, Saturday, 14:05
We are in the same boat

My Dream Is Neverending Spring For Belarus

My Dream Is Neverending Spring For Belarus

The youth wants freedom.

Hi, everyone. My name is Ales Krutkin, and I have a dream.

My dream is Belarus without fear.

For 25 years, fear has paralyzed our society. Belarus has received an overdose no only of caesium and strontium, but also adrenaline. There has been even more adrenaline. Stress, blood pressure close to 200, pulse over 100. This is the epoch of Lukashism. The nature of this fear is like a hang-over, like an epileptic attack, like the cold sweat drops on the dicator’s bald head. Panic attacks will bring no good.

2020 – a year without fear!

My dream is neverending spring for Belarus. Not in the solitary cells, where our society, divided by the mafia, remains today, but in the solidary and united family of Belarusians. There are nightingale’s songs, first flowers, and endorphines awaiting for us! Love, friendship, and spring!

Belarusians will be able to travel, express themselves, will become successful and creative. And the main thing is to smile more often!

I hitchhike quite often lately. I am an ordinary guy and I don’t always have money for a ticket. When traveling, I talk to dozens and hundreds of our compatriots. And you know, 99% do hate those usurpers.

They hate them, but they don’t know what to do about it. Sometimes it’s hard for me to hold back tears, when I hear the people’s stories about their problems, about the arbitrariness of the policemen-parasites, and pseudo-officials. Besides, some 10 years ago, during a folk-ethnographic expedition, I also held back tears when listening to the story of one old lady.

She told how, during the Second World War, the Nazi were convoying them to the place of execution, but one of the villagers, who knew German, managed to soft-talk the Wehrmacht officer to save their lives. Now, those fascists have returned in the person of the Shklou Furhrer, and terrorize Belarusians again.

As Yury Shevchuk sang, “don’t let them pull their sleeves again, don’t let them pull their sleeves again, busy nights!”

The youth wants freedom. If you want something strongly enough, you can even fly to the outer space! As other Yury, Gagarin, said: Let’s go! 2020 – without fear, without Lukashenka! I wish everyone freedom, spring, love, and endorphines!

Ales Krutkin