13 July 2020, Monday, 2:16
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‘Let Me Take Health Minister To Poland At My Expense, I Will Show Him All Pharmacies’

‘Let Me Take Health Minister To Poland At My Expense, I Will Show Him All Pharmacies’

Why are medicines much cheaper at our neighbors’?

The Ministry of Health offered Belarusians to send photos of checks for the medications purchased abroad, if their price differs from the prices of similar drugs in Belarus.

Specialists of the Ministry of Health are analyzing the cost of medicines in the framework of “work on the possible reduction of the cost of some medicines”. The discussion is open on the Ministry’s Facebook page, Solidarity writes.

“It seems that a cleaning lady of the Ministry of Health got to the account and asks on Facebook what she is curious curious about but cannot afford”

See below some comments from the users who responded to the proposal of the Ministry of Health.

Volha Khamenka: “I purchased, for the reference, cod liver oil (made in Norway - Solidarity) in Poland for less than 20 rubles, while in belarus they sell it at a price of BYN 34.40 in the city (non-commercial pharmacy). It is too expensive for Belarusians to buy medical preparations in Belarus, as for the quality of drugs …”

According to Natalila Darashkevich, the price is not the main problem.

“The biggest problem is when a doctor prescribes a medicine, and you come to the pharmacy, and they tell you that there is no such medicine in any pharmacy in the city. You go to tabletka.by website, and it says that the medicine is not on sale since certain month - the license has not been renewed. ... And what should a hypertensive patient do, who depends on this drug? After all, there are no Belarusian analogues for many drugs, while other preparations are ineffective. ”

“This proposal sounds ridiculous,” says Natallia Kachura. “It seems as if a cleaning lady of the Ministry of Health got to the account and asks in Facebook what she is curious about but cannot afford. Does the Ministry of Health really not have access to the reports of pharmacies about sold drugs and prices for them?

... To reduce prices, because in another country the medicines are cheaper, seems a strange decision for the representatives of the ministry. It’s the grannies in the market who could do that. But it’s a weird thing to read something like this from the representatives of the state. Compared to the salaries of other countries, medicines in Belarus should be distributed with surcharge.”

Aliaksei Kandratovich shares the way to determine how adequate the pricing for drugs is: “Remove the list of 200 best-selling drugs (without citramone and brilliant green) and compare the prices through Polish applications. Take Iskamed and Minsk Pharmacy.”

Yury Ziser proposes to compare prices with Moscow pharmacies: “Moscow is often twice as cheap”.

People write that drugs for the treatment of allergies in Moscow are 3.5 times cheaper. Some medicines for heart diseases are 3 times cheaper in Lithuania and 4 times cheaper in Poland. Also, Belarusians buy overseas vitamins, contraceptives and drugs that compensate for magnesium deficiency.

“Drug search engines are not available? Or is the minister not familiar with the computer?”

The topic caused a response at the discussion site talks.by.

“Can I send checks for diapers?” In Bialystok, they are cheaper by 20 rubles. Nobody will send checks for medicines to you, because everyone makes VATs, and they are attached to VATs. Maybe just a photocopy. But they will say that it is a fake printed in Poland. Let me bring the minister to Poland at my own expense and show him all the pharmacies. Poles sell all the vitamins many times cheaper. Let alone medicines.

“Send checks, and we will prepare you a new list of medicines, prohibited for import”.

“Are the tablet.ru website and other drug search engines unavailable? Or is the minister not familiar with the computer? What kind of activity imitation is this again? What will he compare prices with if the majority of drugs purchased in the Russian Federation are not sold here? ”