17 June 2021, Thursday, 10:38
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We Are at the Forefront of Massive Change

We Are at the Forefront of Massive Change
Hanna Seviarynets

It is important to know that we will win.

This weekend I was leaving in a terrible mood. It had been growing inside me for about a month, and I just asked the children to be alone for four days, and then with friends to think and figure out everything.

For two days, I just wandered around the lawn, ached at heart, got angry, watched videos, read analytics, got angry again, my head burst from thoughts; then the weather improved, I began to poke in the beds, and I think well at the beds.

I do not want to disclose now my internal layouts about us, our present, and future. But I can say the final thought.

Everything that we, our anthill, which I finally felt again and caught the wave, do is right. Yes, it hurts, yes, it is not easy. I was finally convinced that we cannot now rely on anyone's experience - this has never happened in history. We are the first to go this way. And it continues to be extremely literary, bookish - therefore, perhaps, it should be analyzed precisely as a plot, according to laws that are not entirely historical (after all, they change, since a new era begins, it goes around the world, just we, as once the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, unexpectedly for itself found themselves in the vanguard of large-scale changes after being a political outsider for 300 years), and according to the laws of partly artistic. So, according to these laws, we don't even have forks - that's how logically, inevitably everything happens around.

We are doing everything right. The cost of human life is now very high. We all now understand - with our own skin - the price of violence and lies. We are now changing a lot - bones are diverging, children's matrices are being revised. We pay dearly for all this. But we are doing everything right.

If we personify history and present it in the form of a teacher, we got the best one: the one who is not afraid to put the class in front of a dramatic choice for the sake of the future.

We must continue. Take care of each other. Love children and raise them free. Do not submit to evil - every day, at work, at home, on the street. Even to the smallest. Strengthen solidarity. Know that we will win.

Long live!

Hanna Seviarynets, Facebook