4 December 2022, Sunday, 21:15
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Political Observer: Putin Calls Lukashenka Onto Carpet To Pose Two Questions Before Him

Political Observer: Putin Calls Lukashenka Onto Carpet To Pose Two Questions Before Him

In the Kremlin, they rub their hands, watching the usurper making mistakes.

At the upcoming announced meeting of Putin and Lukashenka in Moscow, the Kremlin will pose two questions to the Belarusian ruler, political observer Aliaksandr Klaskouski believes.

- For Moscow, the most important task is to sign all roadmaps, which are now called “union programs”, but the essence has not changed. From the institutional point of view, Moscow needs to bind Belarus more strongly to itself, - noted the observer on Euroradio.

And some time after the signing of these documents, Moscow will be able to raise the issue of a common currency and supranational bodies.

The second question concerns “constitutional changes”. Practically speaking, the Kremlin still wants Belarus to have a not so personalistic system of government. For the parliament to receive some powers and to play on this field.

At the same time, Aliaksandr Klaskouski observes rather complicated relations between Putin and Lukashenka.

- I don’t think that Putin is interested today in entering into a confrontation with the West on the Belarusian issue, especially to play along with the Belarusian leadership. Of course, the latter would like to and constantly draws Russia into its game, this leitmotif sounds all the time that “we are in the same trench” and “Belarus is only a springboard to attack Russia”.

I think Putin today is rubbing his hands, watching Lukashenka quarreling with the West all the time, because this increases Belarus' dependence on Moscow.

Secondly, after all, Putin is now in such a phase: he recently met with Biden, Merkel just flew to Moscow, and also showed respect. Putin needs to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2, and in general, if we take the so-called Russian elite, then all their capital is in the West.

I believe that the Crimea was enough for Putin, Donbas was enough, these sanctions, which he received from the West, were enough. Why would he get involved in any adventures of Lukashenka?