31 March 2023, Friday, 0:24
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The Daily Mirror: Makei Dies After 'Secret Talks' On Ukraine

The Daily Mirror: Makei Dies After 'Secret Talks' On Ukraine

He died the next day.

Lukashenka's Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei died 'after secret talks to end war in Ukraine'. British newspaper The Daily Mirror reported.

"His [Uladzimir Makei] death mysteriously came the day after he met with the Pope’s envoy Ante Jozić where they reportedly discussed a secret peace plan to end the war in Ukraine," the publication wrote. The material notes that Makei was "the only main channel of communication to the West".

The author of the article, citing sources, noted that "Makei was healthy".

It should be noted that Makei is one of the key figures of Lukashenka's regime. In 2000-2008 he worked as an assistant to the dictator. On July 15, 2008, he was appointed head of Lukashenka's administration.

Makei spoke on TV about the “preparation of terrorist acts ”and “militants” during the protests after the 2010 “elections”.

On August 20, 2012, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. He actively lobbied for the lifting of sanctions against the Lukashenka regime. He stated that “there are no problems with political prisoners in Belarus”.

As the Charter97.org website wrote, Makei died amid information about the upcoming replacement of Lukashenka.