14 August 2022, Sunday, 12:47
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Jewish cemeteries violated in Brest, Babruisk, Mahilou, Shklou and Barysau


In Brest, Babruisk and Barysau the criminal cases on the vandalism on Jewish cemeteries are conducted. According to the information of the Union of Jewish public organizations and communities of Belarus, all in all more than 30 Jewish memorials and monuments were damaged this year. What actions are taken there to stop the vandalism?

Brest: Vandals broke murmur decoration

This winter the memorial sign on the place of Brest ghetto was smeared with black paint in Brest. Later vandals broke the murmur decoration here and burned flowers.

Today journalist Yauhen Aleksandrovich has told Radio Svaboda that the guilty have been found and the case is sent to court:

“This information was given by Zmiter Shuryn, head ob the investigatory department at Leninski district department of Brest. He also said some more cases were investigated. In particular, memorial signs, especially near the former synagogue were damaged, smeared and broken 8 times”, - the journalist said to Radio Svaboda.

Barysau: 16 Jewish memorials were broken on the cemetery

In Barysau the criminal case was brought in May – soon after the act of vandalism. Then 16 monuments were broken on Jewish cemeteries.

But, according to the head of local Jewish organization Mikhal Perats, the militia hasn’t found the evil-doers:

“The official answer – the identity of the criminals has not been established. And nothing more. The similar affair was in 1998. It repeated this year, but the result is the same. The governmental structures don’t help us”, - said Perats.

Babruisk: “Stars of David on gallows are drawn”

People in Babruisk speak not only about impunity of the vandals. They say Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s statements about Jews, he said 12 October, are provoking the unpredictable behavior of anti-Semites.

“It the town, where anti-Semitism is flourishing. The walls are drawn with the RNU (Russian National Unity) symbols. Stars of David on gallows are drawn. The inscriptions such as “Jews get away!” appear. And the authorities turn a blind eye to these facts”, - Babruisk dweller Ales Chyhir said.

Mahilou area: Jewish cemeteries in Krychau, Shklou, Bykhau, Chavusy are almost ruined

There are 15 violated graves on Babruisk cemetery now. But the situation in the region is much worse, said Mahilou journalist Ales Asiptsou.

The journalist tells the cemeteries in former small towns and in Krychau, Shklou, Bykhau, Chavusy are almost ruined.

“The activists of Jewish community say, it is possible to preserve the cemeteries if they receive the status of cultural and historical heritage. For example, there are unique grave-stones made by masters from Vilnius, Bialystok and Warsaw in Mahilou. But this question is hard to solve. The essential problem is search for finances”, - the journalist said.

It should be noted that the Union of Jewish public organizations and communities is going to pay tribute to more than 50 places where Jews were executed during the WW II in Belarus. The latest monuments were installed in Haradzeya and Slutsk in Minsk Area, and in Brest and Hrodna.