16 June 2019, Sunday, 9:02
We are in the same boat

Special Forces’ provocation at Social March (VIDEO)


2 thousand people took part in the Social March held today in Minsk. Special Forces carried out provocations during the peaceful action.

More than 50 members of pro-fascist organizations “White Will” (“Belaya Volia”) and “White Rus” (“Belaya Rus”) started a fight with young men of a non-registered anarchist party. They shouted out fascist slogans; such words as “Blood!”, “Liberals, Die!” could be heard. Anarchists replied shouting “No Fascism!”

The fascists stirred up a mass fight in Surganau Street. Fascists and anarchists bet up each other with flags’ staffs. The fight was taking place in the road. However, there were no policemen around. This provocation was obviously organized in order to show on the Belarusian television that fascists came to the Social March.

OMON officers came only after the fight had been over.