28 February 2020, Friday, 9:37
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Emergency ambulance comes to Akrestin Street every day


Emergency ambulance is called almost every day to Akrestin Street for the detained after the protest action on 10 January. As lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya says, emergency was called for Syargei Parsyukevich yesterday. He had asthmatic attack and fever.

Some days ago emergency ambulance was called for Tatyana Tishkevich. She is suspected to have pneumonia. Most cells of the correctional facility on Akrestin Street are cold, the wind blows from windows, so prisoners stuff chinks in window frames with paper towels. Doctors advised Tatyana to go to hospital, but the girl refused. Tatyana takes antibiotics at the moment.

Emergency was also called for Yury Kuksyuk, just after he had been guarded to the prison. He was suspected of having a rib injury. Yury said on the trial he was beaten brutally during the detention...

The administration of the site www.ucpb.org has recently learned that ambulance took Syargei Klyueu to one of the Minsk hospitals. He is suffering from pain, and suspected of having appendicitis and kidney disease.