7 April 2020, Tuesday, 10:52
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Mikhail Marynich: “Belarus-Iran cooperation may be dangerous for whole Europe”


Iran is ready to render support to Belarus in nuclear power plant construction and running. Iran’s Ambassador to Belarus Abdolhamid Fekri said it on a press conference in Minsk today. “Besides the fact Iran doesn’t have necessary nuclear technology, Belarus-Iran cooperation may be dangerous for whole Europe,” Mikhail Marynich, former minister of foreign economy, one of the initiators of the civil campaign “European Belarus” said to the Charter’97 press center commenting on the offer of the Iran’s Ambassador.

According to Marynihch, the world community simply won’t allow such a cooperation. “Iran doesn’t have necessary technologies. They build their nuclear power plant with the help of Russian specialists and technologies. So such “help” to Belarus can only turn to deplorable consequences. If the official Minsk cooperates with Iran in this sphere, that step may be dangerous not only for our country, but for the whole continent. Moreover, it should be taken into account, that Iran is a part of the so called Axis of Evil. Not only the US and the IAEA, but the whole world is watching closely at the nuclear plant construction in Busher. By accepting this offer of Iran Belarus takes the risk to be added to the countries of the Axis of Evil that will ruin the image of our state in the world,” Mikhail Marynich is sure.