13 November 2019, Wednesday, 16:29
Good news

Was testimony on Parsyukevich’s case written to dictation of militiamen? (Photo)


Trial over Syarhei Parsyukevich, activist of the entrepreneurs’ movement from Vitsebsk, accused of beating up a militiaman, is continuing in the Maskouski district court of Minsk.

The trial is continued with questioning of witnesses. Witness Mikalai Harbacheuski, loader living in Tsnyanka village near Minks, was heard today. He served 5 days of arrest for hooliganism.

Harbacheuski said there was a conflict between Parsyukevich and militiaman Alyaksandr Dulup, but gave contradicting evidence. Firstly, he pointed at militiaman Vadzim Yakimchyk and said it was he who ordered Parsyukevich to stand up. Only after the note of the judge Harbacheuski admitted he had mixed the militiamen up. Secondly, Harbacheuski said that Parsyukevich never used obscene language. But the prosecutor read out Harbacheuski’s written testimony saying Parsyukevich used foul language. Harbacheuski explained he might have remembered better then.

Parsyukevich also noted that Harbacheuski’s testimony repeats militiaman Vadzim Yakimchyk’s testimony verbatim. Harbacheuski explained the investigator wrote the testimony according to him.

After that another witness, activist of the entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Taustyka, was heard. He confirmed Parsyukevich’s testimony. He said militiaman Dulup burst into the cell, ordered to stand up rudely, hit Parsyukevich at his legs and forced him out of the cell, in 10 minutes shouts “Help! They’re killing me!” were heard. Taustyka said Alyaksandr Dulup, victim according to the case, was afraid to bear responsibility for his actions and libelled on Parsyukevich.