16 September 2019, Monday, 16:12
We are in the same boat

Family of political prisoner Syarhei Parsyukevich deprived of militia pension


14-year old son of political prisoner Syarhei Parsyukevich “got lost” among offices of officials. So, pension of the Ministry of Internal Affaires, the former militiaman received, was sent to the Shklou penal colony, where he is serving his punishment.

Natallya Parsyukevich received her husband’s pension on by proxy before now. On 8 July, day of receiving pension, Natallya went to a bank, but wasn’t given the pension. She thought is might be a mistake, papers might lost in the bank. Bank clerks advised to address the Vitsebsk Region Internal Affaires Department. Natallya Parsyukevich did so. It was found out that the pension of political prisoner Syarhei Parsyukevich was transferred to the Shklou penal colony, where the entrepreneur is serving his term of punishment, “Tovarishch” newspaper reports.

Officers of justice left the family of the imprisoned entrepreneur destitute. It was decided to spend for other purposes the seniority pension of the political prisoner, who had served in the Ministry of Internal Affaires, received by his minor son.

Officers of justice, whom Natallya Parsyukevich addressed, explained: 25 per cent of pension is spent on keeping Syarhei Parsyukevich in the colony, 50 per cent will be transferred to officer of the special detention center Alyaksandr Dulub, allegedly beaten up by the prisoner. Remaining 25 per cent should be spent for Syarhei Parsyukevich’s 14-year old son. But this quarter disappeared: the officials say there is no information about his son in documents.

A logical question suggests itself: How should the 14-year old teenager be supported? The officers of the Interior Affaires Department of the Vitsebsk city executive committee pretended they were surprised: Does Parsyukevich have a son? Yes, he has, and the teenager needs eating, cloths, rehabilitation after a psychological stress of his father’s imprisonment.

Natallya Parsyukevich was explained she needed to prepare documents, because her husband’s pension had been already transferred to the Shklou colony for Syarhei Parsyukevich’s keeping and paying his debts. Now, when a missing son was suddenly “found out”, Natallya Parsyukevich had to spent much of her time and efforts to collect a pile of documents. Natallya Parsyukevich sent a packet of the documents to the Internal Affaires Department of the Mahilou city executive committee, but they said to wait... If everything goes well, the 14-year old teenager will get about 125,000 per month. 125,000 rubles per month for a 14-year old boy is a real mockery.

– I am on vacation now. I received my leave allowance and we live on it now. We help my mother in her garden plot from time to time. I don’t know what to expect in future, – Natallya Parsyukevich says.

Natallya has a job, but her salary is not enough for the two adults. The entrepreneurs institutions do not render significant aid – entrepreneurs of Smalensk market gave 400,000 rubles to the family of their colleague, and workers of the Polatsk market – 700,000 rubles.