22 August 2019, Thursday, 13:19
We are in the same boat

Andrei Kim: “All democratic candidates must withdraw from election”


Former political prisoner Andrei Kim thinks the oncoming “presidential election” won’t be free and democratic, if the authorities don’’ liberalise the election laws.

“I have seen many materials for the White Book on the “parliamentary election” during two weeks at large. Many violations of election laws have already been registered. It is seen now that the “election” will be undemocratic. So, I believe, if nothing is changed, if the opposition isn’t included into polling stations election commissions, all democratic candidates must withdraw, after they have used every possibility of intercourse with people. It is obvious that nothing has changed in the country since the last “parliamentary election”. The authorities have no political will on holding really free and democratic election. Only “cosmetic” changes were made,” Andrei Kim told in an interview to the Charter’97 press center.

It should be reminded that political prisoner Andrei Kim was sentenced to 1.5 years of imprisonment for participating in a protest action of entrepreneurs. He was released on August 20, 2008.