15 December 2019, Sunday, 10:22
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Protest “No to Nuclear Power Plant!” held in Salihorsk (Photo)

Salihorsk activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” have held a picket against construction of an atomic power station in Belarus.

Young activists were holding a streamer with the words: “No to nuclear power plant! Nature and health are more important than energy” and handed out leaflets criticizing construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus.

As we have informed, on January 21 construction of the first houses for nuclear plant builders started in Astravets. “And in a year we are to start construction of an industrial site near Astravets,” stated the first vice prime minister of the Belarusian government Uladzimir Syamashka at the session of the National Council on labour and Social issues.

The north-west of Belarus is the land of beautiful lakes situated between picturesque hills. It’s the place which is rich in reservation parks and nature reserves. A national park Narachanski, the most popular holiday resort in Belarus, is situated nearby.