13 November 2019, Wednesday, 16:31
Good news

Belarusian authorities asked Moscow to give $9 billion for nuclear plant construction


Official Minsk sent an official request to Russia on granting a loan for a nuclear power plant construction.

BelaPAN learnt his on June 2 from Mikalai Hrusha, director of the nuclear energy department of the Ministry of Energy.

According to him, it is planned to spend 6–6.5 billion dollars on a nuclear power station construction, and the rest sum – on creating the necessary infrastructure.

“Besides, Belarus insisted during the talks that Russia take part in financing the transport and industry infrastructure. The Russian party agrees upon this approach and recommended us to address the government,” he said.

In January 2009, director general of Rosatom Russian state-run corporation Sergei Kirienko and first vice premier of Belarus Uladzimir Syamashka held negotiations where the latter confirmed Belarus’s readiness to implement a project of the nuclear plant construction with Russian Atomstroieksport company as a general constructer.

It should be noticed scientists and common people protest against the authorities’ intention to build a nuclear power plant. Belarus is the country seriously affected by the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Scientists say it is unacceptable to deploy nuclear weapon and its elements, build nuclear plants and keep nuclear waste in the country.