26 September 2021, Sunday, 15:00
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Russian bombers and ground-attack aircrafts landed in belarus


As informed by BelaPAN, the Air Force and Air Defence command of the Military Forces of Belarus, on September 15 in the evening, Russian bobbers and ground-attack aircrafts landed at Belarusian military airfields.

Eight Su-24M planes arrived from the airbase Morozovka in Nizhny Novgorod region and landed at the 116th Bombing Airbase of the Belarus Air Force, located near the Ross settlement in the Grodno area. Six Su-25 arrived from Budyonovsk (the Stavropol Territory) have landed in Lida at the 206th Ground Attack Airbase.

On September 16, Su-27, Su-30 jet fighter planes and one of Russia's newest military aircrafts, fighter-bomber Su-34 in which Russian president Medvedev took to the air, are to arrive to the airbase in Baranavichy.