26 November 2020, Thursday, 20:47
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Authorities hinder to register Young Front

The Young Front hasn’t received positive responses to the applications for leasing premises to hold a founding congress.

“We filed 10 applications to Minsk public and cultural institutions. None of them has not been satisfied. The reasons for refusals are usual: either premises are occupied, or they are being repaired. Some organizations, for example, the House of Literary Workers, didn’t reply at all, which contradicts the acting laws,” Anastasia Loika, the head of the Young Front legal department, said.

As the website mfront.by reports, Young Front head Zmitser Dashkevich says it wasn’t a surprise for him.

“The refusal of leasing premises for the Young Front is another demonstration of how the authorities “promote” the democratization process in Belarus. Despite the refusals, the Young Front continues looking for premises. As before, we plan to hold the congress on January 30,” Zmitser Dashkevich said.

We remind it has been the sixth attempt of the Young Front to register in Belarus since 2000.