25 August 2019, Sunday, 4:57
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Lukashenka: Something has happened to my memory (Video)


Despite of the previous confessions of election frauds, Lukashenka stated that he “had never rigfged elections.”

“I have never falsified election results, as you always elected me by an overwhelming majority. I will never tolerate vote rigging, I will never do that,” said Alyaksandr Lukashenka talking to dwellers of Brest region during a working visit to Brest region, “Interfax-Zapad” informs.

He underlined: “I must do it in such a way that future presidents won’t be able to make something wrong.” “Well, we can write [false] figures, and then I will have to come to you, and how I will look into your eyes,” the ruler noted, saying that he is the first person who is not interested in rigging the election results.

Talking to Brest dwellers, Lukashenka also said that in his position of the leader of the state he fulfils his promises to voters. “I promised you something – and I am fulfilling that,” he underlined. He also raised the topic related to the charges of thefts and corruption he is charged with. “If someone would say that I have stolen something, do not believe these rascals,” Lukashenka said, noting that it is impossible to hide something from people today.

The Belarusian leader connects these charges with the fact that someone “wants to make Lukashenka bow, to make him manageable.” “I can bend till you can tolerate that. But as long as people are concerned, I am proud and won’t allow doing that [to bend them],” the ruler underlined.

Lukashenka has also stated that “a president-tsar is impossible in Belarus.” “A president in Belarus must move, and if we won’t move, we’ll destroy our country,” he noted.