2 December 2021, Thursday, 9:51
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“Komsomolskaya Pravda”: One should shoot himself after that film


Ti was Russia that was more shocked by the film “Godbatka”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda’ newspaper writes.

“Godbatka”, a film about the Belarusian rule that can be mildly described as sensational and scandalous was shown by NTV on Sunday evening, ahead of ratification of the agreement on launching the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan in Astana. The trough movie tells about crafty and cruel person able for physical elimination of his opponents. Such scenes make one either shoot under the banner, or burn in shame. Lukashenka did neither of that. He flied to the capital of Kazakhstan and signed the documents he had been avoiding to sign before in an attempt to gain some benefits. Observers say Lukashenka has been driven into a corner and no longer has any arguments for defense and moreover for attacks, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” writes.

Instead of him, the Belarusian Embassy in Russia released its reaction saying “the discredit of the president by the Russian media won’t foster friendly relations between our countries”. Well, the relations are far from being good, but they concern only the Belarusian president but not the people of Belarus. The image of Lukashenka in “Godbatka” is familiar to the Belarusians; they were not surprised to see the events of the 1990s when he was strengthening his power. The disappeared political opponents of the regime haven’t been found so far. The Belarusians also remember the batons used during the dispersal of demonstrations to strengthen the totalitarian regime of Lukashenka.

It was Russia that was more shocked by “Godfather”. Russia earlier regarded Lukashenka as a bit impudent dodger cheating Russian politicians. The Russians also feel pity for the poor and miserable (Lukashenka likes to show himself as a poor president of the not rich country). For many Russians the film became not only a reason for disappointment, but also made them think about Belarus where this “batka” rules.