2 December 2020, Wednesday, 3:13
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Experts: Russia established diagnosis to Lukashenka: sick


The point of no-return to any normal relations at the level of Russia and Belarus’ leadership has been passed.

Yarashuk: Lukashenka cannot be Russia’s serious ally

The informational war of Russia and Belarus lasts throughout this summer. It is obvious that Russia is not going to support the present president of Belarus any more. Besides, judging by Russia’s actions in the sphere of oil and gas in relations with the neighbouring country, Russia is not going to donate Belarusian economy any longer.

“Undoubtedly, the issue is that Russia made this film taking in account its home audience, for internal use only,” said in an interview to ru.DELFI.lt the leader of independent trade unions of Belarus Alyaksandr Yarashuk, who appeared in the first and second parts of “Godbatka”. “Now Lukashenka cannot be a serious ally, but also he is a man any attempts of cooperation with whom are given up as hopeless. Simply said, they consider him a traitor”.

Yarashuk notes that none of these films have not demonstrated anything new for Belarusians, at least for those who monitor the situation.

“From my point of view, the film has demonstrated that the point of no-return to any normal relations at the level of Russia and Belarus’ leadership has been passed,” said the leader of independent Belarusian trade unions.

Deep structural Russian-Belarusian crisis

According to deputy dean of global economy and politics faculty of the Russian State University - Higher School of Economics Andrei Suzdaltsev, Russia demonstrates that no normal dialogue with the present leader of the Belarusian state is possible.

“In fact, Russia has absolved itself of the responsibility for Lukashenka. This man is legally incapable, not able to make contracts, he does not have respect to promises, in fact he blocks normal relations between the two states. It is impossible to work out any issue. By the statement that Lukashenka is insane, Russia in fact absolved itself of any responsibility for him, it calls that “Lukashenka’s betrayal”. For Russian political class Lukashenka is a traitor. And now there is an explanation for that – he is sick, and how could one have a dialogue or hold negotiations with him?” A. Suzdaltsev comments on the situation.

As said by the interlocutor of ru.DELFI.lt, the situation in Russian-Belarusian relations is very hard.

“There are no contacts between the leaders of the states. There are really no common prospects, no initiatives. Everything moves on from one gas and oil contract to another. It is probable that since January 1 Belarus will lose its last donations from Russia. Now the authorities are actively looking for donors represented by Venezuela, China, Iran – anyone in fact. It is a deep structural Russian-Belarusian crisis,” the political observer is convinced.