26 June 2019, Wednesday, 20:54
We are in the same boat

Mass arrests of opposition in Belarus regions


People are grabbed in the streets arbitrary and arrested on sophisticated reasons.

According to Radio Liberty organizer of People’s Assembly Viktar Kalesnik and Vyachaslau Boyka, who was delivering electric generator to the meeting. Road police claimed that their car was registered as stolen. Mr. Kalesnik was taken to Road police department. Boyka taken to criminal police.

Activist Siarhey Kavalenka detained in Vitsebsk. Police officers came to his house and said that he must stay “under guard” as opposition action was planned in the city, -- said wife of the activist Alena Kavalenka.

Uladzimir Katsora, Vasily Palyakou and lawyer Leanid Sudalenka were detained in Homel. Their car was stopped by Road police and taken in circle by riot police under command of major Aleynik. Police took Katsora’s driving license and ordered him to drive to police department of Homel Central district police department.

Major Aleynik said that they must give explanations concerning leaflets of People’s Assembly distributed in the city.

Besides Homel police detained leader of local department of “Fair world” party Uladzimer Siakeka. They claimed that his car was registered as stolen.

Activist Ihar Simbirau was detained in Asipovichi. He was going to Minsk, but on the railway station he was attacked by people in civil, beaten and taken to local police station. Police lieutenant colonel told him that he was detained as suspected in transporting illegal things.

BPF activist Ivan Shega was detained in Slonim. He was driving to Minsk in his car, but he was detained on road and now he is kept in police department in Karelichi.

Activist Siarhey Trafomchik was called by subpoena to Masty police department.

Coordinator of People’s Assembly Yury Istomin was detained in Hrodna and taken to local prosecutor’s office under guard.

Organizer of People’s Assembly Yauhien Parchinsky was detained without explanation of reasons. Police officers just said that they want to speak to him.

Organizer of People’s Assembly in Orsha Minay Karnienka and Mikalay Dziamidau were arrested in Orsha at 12.15. They were taken to police department and told that police suspects them of having weapons.

UCP vice-chairman Leu Margolin was detained in Barysau and told that he would be examined “for alcohol”.

According to Margolin they had conversation about public activities after which he was convoyed to his home. Now police car is parked near his house.