15 November 2018, Thursday, 16:44
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Another mysterious terrorist attack (Video)


The KGB prevented another terrorist attack.

Belarus is not an isle of stability anymore. Now it is a country where terrorist attacks are not only prevented, but also carried out. According to the special services, a masked person with a bomb of 5 kilograms of trotyl equivalent was detained trying to attack policemen. Neither motives nor the place of the attack are reported. The KGB only said that the detained person is linked to an organization that takes illegal migrants across from Afghanistan to Europe, Belsat reminds.

According to journalist Andrzej Poczobut who knows methods of the Belarusian special services from his personal experience, the situation when Afghans plan to carry out a terrorist attack in Belarus, and in the town of Zhlobin in particular, is weird to say the least.

“As far as I understand, a Belarusian citizen put on a mask with words in Arab written on it, and tried to explode the local interior department… A rather weird situation. It may be just a plain criminal act like the one in Ukraine. But the fact that Belarus is not the isle of stability anymore is alarming. The KGB often brings actions for terrorism, and specifically in the southern part of the country,” Poczobut says.

Previously the official Minsk has threatened Brussels to release border control over illegal migration. There is a pattern: a terrorist in Zhlobin who is linked to an organization that ships Afghans to Europe; an “explosion” in a store in Gomel that was announced to be a gang war of similar organizations.

“The thing is that from the very beginning the Belarusian powers have been adding a political angle to the issue of terrorism. Starting with the well-known press-conference of the KGB chief in 2006 when he said that the opposition plans to poison Minsk with a rat. The opposition was suspected even of standing behind the metro explosion. Lots of oppositionists were detained after the terrorist attack of 2008,” the journalist reminds.