11 December 2023, Monday, 11:26
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MEP Migalski supported human rights activists from Grodno

MEP Migalski supported human rights activists from Grodno

On 5 January three human rights activists were sentenced in Grodno to fines of 1.5 million roubles each for a photo with a picture of Ales Bialistski.

A member of the European Parliament Marek Migalski has already brought this question to discussion in the European Commission and called to intervene and stand against the repressions targeted at activists in Belarus, the human rights center Viasna reports.

Migalski reminded that the activists Viktar Sazonau, Raman Urgel and Uladzimir Khilmanovich made a photo with the Human Rights Declaration and posters with Ales Bialiatski on 10 December last year on the International Human Rights Day.

Grodno police interpreted these actions as illegal picketing.

As Migalski stressed, “the wave of repressions against Belarusian civic activists and the representatives of opposition is growing. Citizens are still deprived of the rights to stands for their views and participate in peaceful protest actions”.

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