4 April 2020, Saturday, 23:55
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Belarusians picket UN in New York


A protest picket was held in New York against cooperation of international organisations with the Belarusian regime.

The picket took place in front of the building where the office of the Permanent Mission of Belarus in the United Nations is located.

Belarusians living in New York decided to express their discontent with the UN's cooperation with the regime that uses people as bargaining chips and receives loans and preferences in exchange for the release of political prisoners. Participants of the picket, which was held on May 12, chanted “No to trade with the dictator! No to cooperation with the dictator”. They had white-red-white flags and placards calling to release the political prisoners.

It should be reminded that Belarusian foreign minister Uladzimir Makei, who is under nternational sanctions, was to visit New York to participate in a meeting on human trafficking. He was also expected to meet with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The minister was reported to have cancelled his visit to New York at the last moment. He joined a working delegation to Armenia instead. Belarus is represented by deputy foreign minister Valiantin Rybakou in New York. The programme of the visit was considerably reduced and most meetings were cancelled.