17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:39
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"Green men" appeared in Homel


Russian soldiers from Bryansk wearing the uniform without insignias appeared in Homel.

Andrei Tsianiuta, the "Young Front" activist, informed charter97.org.

"Yesterday I saw soldiers while I was walking around the station. I drew attention to the fact that they were wearing the uniform unlike our soldiers usually did. They were wearing green winter caps without insignia or chevrons. I walked up to them to ask who they were and whether it was Belarusian uniform. I got the answer: "We are Russians". They said they were from Bryansk. Then I asked about possible military exercises to take place but they replied: "No, there will be a war, so we have rotation and trainings", he said.

For official commentary journalist of charter97.org addressed Uladzimir Makarau, the press secretary of the Ministry of Defence.

"Several times I wrote about the fact that all the insinuations of Charter ' 97 were and remain insinuations. As well as the fact that there are no hungry tankmen in Uruchcha. It will be entertaining if somewhere in Belarus someone sees a hungry tankman. Secondly, there was no case when one of the warrant officers cut the cat's head off. Therefore, there cannot be any "green men" in the Belarusian territory in any case", he stated.

The Russian military people have recently been called "green men". On March 2, 2014 thousands of unknown people with no insignias, armed with Russian weapons and equipment, appeared in Crimea. Indirect signatures showed that that people were the Russian soldiers, but, despite numerous photo- and video facts, Vladimir Putin and Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu denied their affiliation to the armed forces of the Russian Federation. After that it has started to call the Russian military men as "green men".