22 April 2018, Sunday, 17:16

Spoiler of “Something Goes Wrong” movie: Belaz trucks, hockey and global cabal (script)

The website charter97.org obtained the full script of the movie Abel.

The full text can be found here.

The film Abel dubbed “Something Goes Wrong” by Belarusian bloggers shows how the security service of the Belarusian president and missionaries from a powerful organisation of keepers of the mark of Cain (Abelians) try to save the world.

A secret organisation of direct descendants of the Biblical Abel collected information about the genetic code of every person in the world and determines the probability of killing with the help of a computer program that decrypts the code of Cain.

The mark of Cain, the secret kept by the Abelians, is a genetic program in the Y chromosome passed from the father. It is responsible for the probability of committing a murder by a person.

Journalist Sarah, a missionary of the organisation, travels around the world trying to prevent high-profile killings “with a large number of victims and far-reaching consequences”. Her activity cannot be called effective. A revolution starts in Tunisia after an unsuccessful operation that was disrupted by secret ill-wishers.

The journalist is better at disclosing the US foreign policy. Her book “What's Wrong with the American Dream?” becomes a bestseller.

After Tunisia, Sarah received a new task in Belarus, where the presidential elections and mass protests took place. A computer program forecasts two crimes, which missionaries must prevent.

The missionaries arrive at the Belarusian Automobile Plant under the guise of foreign investors. They were nearly killed when a Belaz truck on a remote control loses control during the presentation and almost ran over them. They were saved by an officer of the president's security service, Yahor Anisimau, who happened to be at the plant to prepare the visit of the head of state.

It turns out that the missionaries need his brother Vadzim working as a programmer at the plant. It is Vadzim who, according to the data of the Abelians, may commit a crime in the near future with a probability of 82.3%. Vadzim and Yahor had a quarrel over a girl (a famous television journalist Vera). Vadzim cannot forgive his brother.

Yahor Anisimau is assigned to the American journalist as a security guard. His task was to provide safety for them at a press conference and hockey matches.

As if incidentally, the journalist says during a press conference of Belaz managers in the National Library that people should look for an evolutionary way instead of struggling against the dictatorship.

Sarah's assistant, Chris Wane, watches the other potential killer – a loser from Minsk's suburbs Kiryl, who plans to explode a home-made bomb in a crowd of people. Due to professional and coordinated work of the riot police, Kiryl fails to bring the bomb to a hockey match, which the American journalist plans to visit. He decided to explode the bomb in the subway.

The president's security service mistakenly thinks Chris Wane wants to kill Sarah and decides to detain him. Yahor Anisimau chases Chris on a bike, but someone blew up Wane. He remains alive, but seriously wounded. Yahor continues chasing the suspicious car and arrives at the Belaz test range. A 400-tonne truck on a remote control attacks the security officer, but Yahor manages to stop the operator-terrorist, who turns out to be a trainee from Tunisia, a traitor's agent in the organisation of the Abelians.

Sarah and her partners had to tell the secret to Yahor Anisimau. They watch the potential killers together. They come to a metro station seconds before the blast. One of the missionaries dies. Yahor's chiefs decide he and the Americans stand behind the explosion. The security officer is put on the wanted list.

Sarah and Yahor Anisimau find a tied up girl (a television journalist) in the old village house of the Anisimaus. The girl was taken hostage by Yahor's brother Vadzim. The assault group and Yahor's brother arrive at the house. Vadzim enters the house for negotiations. He has explosives and wants to explode everything, but Yahor saves his brother.

The film ends on Utoya island in Norway. Sarah finds a traitor among the Abelians. It is her supervisor David Parker. Yahor, Sarah, Vera and Chris Wane try to catch the traitor, when Breivik with an assault rifle appears to carry out a massacre. Parker tries to escape from the island on a boat, but Breivik shoots and Parker dies in an explosion.

“Frankenstein's killed his master,” American journalist Sarah says.


The Belarusian propaganda announced last year that a film to respond to Viva Belarus! movie would be made.

Siarhei Zhdanovich, who is known as a producer of the UNDP series Above the Sky, and his company were chosen by the Belarusian Ministry of Culture and Lukashenka's administration to shoot the film Square of Love (Abel), which is supposed to become an official response to the movie Viva Belarus! by Krzysztof Lukaszewicz on Franak Viachorka's script.

The film's budget is about 2 million dollars.