21 February 2019, Thursday, 23:58
Appeal of the BPR Rada

I Am In Solidarity With Charter-97

Ivonka Survila

The role of the site in the independence of Belarus is enormous.

BPR Rada chairman Ivonka Survila stated that, commenting on the blocking of Charter97.org in Belarus:

– I am outraged by the blocking of Charter-97 in Belarus, I am very indignant.

This is unacceptable when, on the one hand, a game is played to show the alleged "improvement" of the legal situation in Belarus, but in fact, this situation only worsens.

I express my solidarity with the blocked site and I regret that the Belarusians do not have free access to Charter-97 now.

If we had free media, if information about our independence and its importance, about human rights and all that is important in the world, reached our people – the situation in Belarus would be quite different.

The role of the Charter-97 website in the independence of Belarus is enormous. Every free voice, every media that talks about what the Belarusian people should hear, are the most important factors for the future of Belarus at the moment.

– What would you like to wish Charter-97 readers in connection with the 100th anniversary of the restoration of our independence?

– I would like to wish Belarus to become really Belarusian. I wish us to achieve what we are striving for now.

In my opinion, a lot has been achieved for these 100 years. I am proud of our people’s contribution to the country's independence. But we still have to rebuild our Belarusian household.

And the Charter 97 website’s contribution, its role in this process is very important.

I congratulate all our people on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Belarusian People's Republic.

I would like the Belarusian people to realize how much freedom, real independence and a decent life can change our country. Belarus must become a normal European state eventually.