16 December 2018, Sunday, 7:59
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Ales Lahvinets: Charter-97 Blocked To Prevent Normal Dialogue In Belarusian Society


The authorities are waiting for the reaction.

"We live in a period of the so-called hybridism. First, there may be a step toward some kind of "liberalization", and then the same persons make 2-4 steps back. They say one thing, but they do something completely different. The "deputy", who has done everything to block the adoption of the law on two languages, could say then that she loves the Belarusian language very much." That’s how political scientist Ales Lahvinets commented to Radio Racyja the blocking of the independent Charter-97 site in Belarus.

– The blocking of the Charter-97 website is, obviously, a purely political decision. It has been done in order to see the reaction to this. It stands to reason that this site annoyed a certain number of pro-government people. It is also clear that for a certain number of people, who are very unhappy with the regime, this site was and still is a gulp of air.

The authorities do everything to prevent a normal dialogue in the Belarusian society by such measures as blocking Charter, – Ales Lahvinets notes.