18 November 2018, Sunday, 22:34
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Henadz Padolnitski: Regime Fears Charter 97 As Devil Fears Holy Water


The authorities cause mayhem.

Henadz Padolnitski, an activist of the Belarusian National Congress from Homel, is outraged by the blocking of the Charter97.org website:

– Blocking of the Charter-97 website is an example of the real lawlessness of the authorities. They bend over backwards trying to shut down the independent news channel that speaks the truth. And they avoid the truth like the devil avoids the holy water. Blocking the most popular website, the regime wants to hide what is happening in the country. For example, the crisis, scandalous Lukashenka's decrees, the growth of taxes – all those things that the independent media honestly tells about.

But I am sure that the authorities will fail: people bypass and will bypass the blockage. The blockage of the Charter97.org website once again confirms that there is a dictatorship in Belarus! My friends and I consider the blocking illegal. The authorities will not manage to shut peopleы' mouths. Belarusians will still seek and discuss truthful information about what is happening in the country, bypassing the blockade.

And the reality in our country is that soon all our revenues will go to taxes! There will be nothing left for food, medicine, utilities. There is no vacancies in the country even offering a low salary. And they go on issuing one decree after another – first № 3, and now № 1.

So, I wish the Charter97.org editorial staff strength and fruitful work!