19 February 2019, Tuesday, 17:03
Appeal of the BPR Rada

"Blockage Of Charter-97 Is Real Shock For Belarusians"

International community should strengthen the support of the independent website.

The reader from Vitebsk Aliaksei wrote this in a letter to the editor of Charter97.org:

– Many of my friends read the Charter-97 website since it was launched. Frankly, they are not satisfied with other information portals. After all, the website Charter97.org is available for ordinary Belarusians. Everyone can find something interesting for him or her among the news. I want to note that my friends enjoy the historical materials that appear on the site. We often discuss them. Blocking the site was a real shock. It is great that there are ways to bypass the blocking and we can continue to read the Charter-97.

In my opinion, there's a Russian trail in the blockage of the Charter-97 website. The Putin regime wants to influence Belarusians more. The blow was planned to affect the live, popular site. Hardly anyone watches Belarusian television. People seek an alternative, which is independent media.

From the bottom of my heart I wish the editorial board of the Charter-97 that the international community continues to support you. We shouldn't even cast a thought that Lukashists can win! The website Charter-97 should continue to operate despite everything.