22 February 2019, Friday, 2:00
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Babruisk Courier: Guys, Remove Crowns From Your Balding Heads

It is known since biblical times: "the forbidden fruit is always sweet".

The Belarusian authorities have amused the people of Belarus by the sudden blocking of the most famous independent news site in Belarus – Charter-97, Valer Stupachenka writes in his article "An F For History In The Dumb-Ass Land" in the newspaper Babruisk Courier.

Why have they "amused" everyone? Well, because in a couple of days, everyone, who read Charter, continued to read it, by accessing it with the help of other, "free" sites.

Moreover, the number of Charter readers increased by almost a third after this stupid, ridiculous undertaking, because since biblical times it is known: "the forbidden fruit is always sweet".

And, as a result, Charter has almost a third of a million visitors a day now! One could only dream of such free advertising, and not only in the media system. And such advertising, by the way, comes at a price! Hence – "much obliged to you!"...

The Internet works wonders in our time. Even those of his users, who were considered to be hopeless newbies three weeks ago, can now quite competently show how to get access to Charter – "from here, in this way, and from there as well."

So there is a great plus: the computer literacy of the Belarusians has dramatically increased! And absolutely for free! "Winter has passed, summer has come, we thank the party for that..."

But the grievance of the ruling Soviet sovkhoz synod can also be understood, because only for the last six years, the audience of hated Charter has increased by 10 (!) times! Can loose lipped court media, printed and electronic, boast of such figures?

The ruling regime has lost the informational war with a deafening crash, although the amount of money allocated from the treasury for ideological service of the regime was enormous... Tens of millions euros every year...

And as a result, the favorite and play-to-the-hole tale about the Belarusian economic miracle and the "socially-oriented state" makes the Belarusians use foul language in response... It causes ideological heartburn.

The current Belarusian leadership’s lack of judgement is appalling: it is convinced that if, for example, some "valuable instruction" appears now and then in the editorial of Sovetskaya Belorussiya, the whole country will carefully study it, snap a salute, and rush headlong to implement it – precisely, scrupulously, and on time!

And Charter? Well, let’s knock the hell out of it, and we'll be golden!..

They’d better re-read Vladimir Voinovich, his immortal "Ivan Chonkin": "The things at our collective farm were going crosswise... Well, they weren’t really poor, you can even say that they were good, but every year they got worse and worse."

On second thoughts, they have failed the history test... They are explicit, hopeless non-achievers... Despite all their titles, diplomas, regalia, awards (handed out to each other)...

The site must be blocked... Hup!

My! That's a good 'un! Kanatchikova Dacha is dancing together with "our" Navinki...

Guys, remove the crowns off your balding heads and return to our sinful land! The times have changed!