21 November 2018, Wednesday, 5:47
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Vakhtang Kipiani On Blocking Of Charter'97: Freedom Will Break Through Walls Anyway


Restricting access to information is so not a clever move.

Well-known Ukrainian journalist and historian, editor-in-chief of the project "Istorichna Pravda" Vakhtang Kipiani has said this in an interview to Charter97.org:

- This is another stupid move by the Belarusian authorities, which are trying to limit the ability of their citizens to receive high-quality information about the state of affairs in the country and worldwide.

Although I live in Ukraine, I get most of the information about the situation in Belarus at Charter97.org. It's a shame that Belarusians are forced to use anonymizers and special programs to bypass the blocking. In our time, restricting access to information is an ineffective step.

I'd like to note that the Russian propaganda fills all empty niches. The less quality information - the more space for the Russian propaganda. This is also true for Ukraine.

You know, politicians should be strategists and calculate their actions in advance. Blocking the website seems a very foolish decision.

I have deep respect for the activities of the website Charter97.org, for its Editor-in-Chief l Radzina. I know about the tragic fate of the people who were associated with the website. Moreover, the website "Istorichna Pravda", which celebrates its 7th anniversary this year, is also independent, and I am well aware of the difficulties that such projects face. I convey my greetings from brotherly Ukraine to all your readers. Whatever Lukashenka can come up with - freedom will break through the walls anyway.