28 May 2020, Thursday, 19:25
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

The authorities want to stay at their trough

The authorities want to stay at their trough

I will make more efforts to fight the regime.

Activist of the European Belarus civil campaign told Charter97.org about it when commenting on his arrest on the eve of the centenary of the Belarusian People's Republic:

- For two days cars with eight policemen were on duty near my house. These spongers were waiting for one activist.

Then I had a call of Belsat journalists and told they would arrive in 20-30 minutes. In a second riot policemen rang the doorbell and said they would break the door if I did not open.

My phone was tapped; I realized it when riot policemen started reproaching me that "you say you don't afraid of anything, but you were afraid to get Vinyarski's dog to his sister, when Andrei was detained." I said I wanted to be present at the march. When I wondered how did they know it, they got confused. They said that I was wanted and convicted. I was surprised as the hearing was planned on March 30.

I was taken to the police department; the protocol was drawn up incorrectly. At 2.30 pm the hearing began. I was convicted for taking part in the action in support of Charter-97. I do not regret it, because journalists defended people so many times. Now it's time for the civil society to support journalists. The hearing was over and I traditionally shouted out "Long Live Belarus!", the judge smiled ironically and said I was arrested for 10 days.

There were four people in the ward, one was a drunken homeless person. Confinement conditions were awful, but the administration did not care. On the eve of March 25 I prayed God for people to come to Yakub Kolas Square and everything was fine. The ward was constantly checked, as if prisoners could escape through a barred window. I congratulate all guards with the centenary of BPR.

One of prisoners in the ward was subject to release. But the door opened and I was ordered to leave the ward.

I thought they were mistaken.

As soon as I left the ward I shouted out "Long Live Belarus".

After a while, Afnahel,and then Statkevich were released. We thought we would be transferred to the remand prison, but we were released.

I met Vyachyslau Siuchyk, he was surprised that I was detained. We embraced, and were glad to see each other. We did not know what happened on Yakub Kolas Square.

You know I did not want to be released, it's better to have your term served completely. Now they can take me at any time and say "you have an administrative arrest open." They may remember it on the eve of Charnobylski Shlyakh.

The authorities are really scared and want to stay at their trough. These spongers are well fed. The greatest spongers are the riot police. They do nothing but detain elderly people. Only in our country people are captured and dragged into paddy wagons. When I saw the video, I was upset. I will make more efforts to fight the regime.

- Why do you think the authorities released you?

- I have a feeling that either one of key politicians should visit Minsk, or one of our officials goes abroad. What Makei can say, if there are political prisoners in the country.