25 September 2021, Saturday, 4:06
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How the Sports Community Reacted to the Scandal with Tsimanouskaya

How the Sports Community Reacted to the Scandal with Tsimanouskaya

Colleagues supported the athlete.

Yesterday, at the Tokyo Olympics, a scandal occurred: Belarusian runner Krystsina Tsimanouskaya announced that she was removed from participation in the Olympics and they are trying to forcibly send her to Belarus. An audio recording also appeared on the network, in which, allegedly, members of the Belarusian delegation persuade the athlete to withdraw from the competition and return to the country. As a result, the athlete remained in Tokyo - the police took her from the airport. Today it became known that Tsimanouskaya received a Polish visa to enter this country.

Many of her colleagues reacted to this situation. Many athletes supported their colleague. Zerkalo.io has collected the brightest statements.

“The illustration perfectly shows what people in leadership positions in sports think about us, about athletes. "You owe everything to the state." "You are nothing without us." "Work in silence." They don't take any criticism in their direction because they think they know better. They think they can decide the fate of the athlete without his knowledge. Although, most likely they do not even think but execute the order from above,” said Katsiaryna Snytsina on her Instagram.

“I continue to assert that Belarus, in its state terms, if it becomes a champion, it would be due to effective self-shooting. Today's story with an attempt to punish Krystsina Tsimanouskaya for self-respect is indicative. The girl did not become silent when she suffered specifically because of someone else's mistake. They called it "stupidity"... And this is no longer about a civil or political position, which is very important at present. Greetings to Deputy Bahdanovich and his coat of arms T-shirt for State TV broadcasts. This is about humanity, the deficit of which was formed among the Belarusian state officials.

How wretched and petty it is to force a person to be silent, to ask “soldier-minister” forgiveness for the position, and to try to claim back some per diem. Only individuals who lack even hope for its scale can demotivate, nail one to the ground, to an average or below-average level. No imagination, no self-respect, no respect for others. Big people teach and inspire their environment to believe in themselves. Clipping their wings is as easy as any looting. Giving them air is a creative process, for people who are already willing to give back," Mikita Melkazerau wrote on Instagram.