18 January 2021, Monday, 11:14
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Franak Vyachorka beaten up by special services officers sent in army


“Moladz BNF” leader Franak Vyachorka is to be transported to the territory of the military unit where he is to do military service.

Today morning policemen and Lukashenka’ security service officers arrived to the republican military hospital where the leader of “Moladz BNF” Franak Vyachorka was undergoing medical examination. They explained to the youth leader that he would be taken to the military enlistment office of Savetski district of Minsk, Radio Svaboda informs.

Policemen and security service officers burst into the ward where Franak Vyachorka stayed. They started to beaten up the guy before the eyes of his fellow patients. Franak’s father, the deputy head of the Belarusian Popular Front party Vintsuk